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Bahia Advocaat


The recipe of the Brazilian Indians, which became a success in the world.

Production Notes
All our liqueurs are produced from our own organic cultivation and with regional ingredients.

Native people of the Amazon region in Brazil, the Tupo Guarani Indians once mixed an alcoholic drink based on the avocado fruit. For them, "Abacate" was the name of the delicacy, mixed from the yellow, butter-soft flesh of the avocado. The colonial drivers refined the Indian recipe with cane sugar and rum to make an avocado schnapps, which they called "Advocaat", the original form of today's advocaat. When the Dutch were driven out of what is now Brazil in the 17th century, they took the recipe and avocados back home with them.

There was only one catch: the avocado trees did not grow in their homeland. The solution was simple - the yellow of the egg! In 1876, a smart connoisseur developed a special recipe by exchanging the avocados for the egg yolk.

Shelf Stability
A closed bottle of advocaat can be kept for at least 1 year. After opening, store the drink in the refrigerator.
Over time, the consistency of the advocaat and the taste can change unpleasantly. However, this is not harmful to health.

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