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Leão Dourado

Did you know that it is possible to visit Mico-Leao-Dourado live in nature?
In about 20 min from the Fazenda Eco Jardim you can visit the reserva ecolócica do “Mico Leao Dourado”.
The reserva ecológica welcomes groups of ecotourists interested in walking through the Atlantic Forest and see this beautiful animal from nearby.


Ilhéus is charming and very touristy brazilian municipality and port city with just under 220,000 inhabitants in the state of Bahia at the mouth of the Rio Ilhéus in the South Atlantic. It owes its name to some offshore small rocky islands.


Boat trip on the river for swimming by the sea, the mangrove forests along to a deserted, otherwise inaccessible white sandy beach


Canavieiras is also a very charming municipality and port city with about 31,000 inhabitants. It’s only 48 km south of us. The main attraction is the Historical Site, a preserved architectural complex with 19th and 20th century houses that reminds us of the golden times of the Cocoa Cycle.

Ocean Golf Course

Spend a few hours on the golf course of the 5***** Hotel Transamerika in Comandatuba, only 5km away. The Comandatuba Ocean Course is an 18-hole golf course of international class.