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little Paradies

We have fulfilled our dream of a completely self-sufficient life on our own property and live it more intensely day by day.

In this way we live, integrated into nature, a life close to nature, independent and sustainable and would like to share this with our guests. We also want to pass on our experiences that such a life brings to interested people in society.

We live and breathe the Eco Jardim - it's a privilege to draw on such spectacularly beautiful resources
Suzy Bezerra de Oliveira and Andreas Spengler


Generate permanent crops on our own land, thus feeding ourselves and selling surpluses regionally. The land or the soil should nevertheless regenerate itself continuously, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides from outside. We want to be a flagship in the region for this form of agriculture. Called “Agriculture Sintrópica” and developed by our consultant Ernst Götsch.


Living in rhythm and complete harmony with nature.
Fully integrated and as an active part of an intelligent system, we live here, self-sufficient, a life far away from everyday stress, urban anger and noisy cities.

The Team

It gives us endless pleasure to work, research and experiment on our beautiful property in a pleasant tropical climate. We are also always looking after the well-being of our holiday & day guests.